Orchard Pre-School








Dear Parents

As we approach the end of the Spring term and the Easter holiday we would like to thank you all for your continued support in keeping everyone safe by following the guidelines for social distancing when dropping off and collecting children.  This will continue into the summer term and until restrictions are lifted. The children have all coped extremely well with coming into the garden independently as well as all the extra handwashing. Thank you for sending in water bottles for your child. Please do not send juice. The water bottles are available for your child to access throughout the session and are kept in key person group boxes. We also take the bottles with us for outdoor play in the garden. At snack time the children are offered milk or water from a plastic cup along with their snack.

Summer Term 1

During next term we will be taking photos of all the children and putting together, with the help of Hallett’s Photography, two group photos (older and younger children).  We usually have a group photo taken by the Hallett photographer at our Easter craft day parties which we can not hold this year. The photos will be available to purchase, they are a lovely memory of your child’s time at pre-school.

              Please let me know if you DO NOT want your child’s photo to be included.

The children leaving in July will have found out about their school place during the holidays. Please let us know if you have any concerns or if you are appealing the decision.

This term the weather can still be very changeable so please dress your child in layers and if your child has a pre-school sweatshirt please make sure their name is in it.  We do have a supply of sweatshirts and tee-shirts in stock.

As we use the garden a great deal this term, please would you make sure that your child wears sensible shoes, I know a lot of the children like flip flops etc. but they are dangerous especially outside. Please would you also make sure that sun protection cream is put on before the pre-school session.


Closures/Inset days. The pre-school will be closed on Friday 28th May and Monday 5th July.  

Please inform us immediately if your contact address or phone number has changed.

              Don’t forget to complete the collection form and let me know if anyone except you   

              is collecting your child.

  • Please read the Covid policy and refer to the government website if your child or anyone in your household has coronavirus symptoms.

  • If your child is not feeling well, please make sure they stay at home, sickness bugs needing at least 48 hours before returning to pre-school.